Star Consulting Plus LLC.


Computer Services:

  • Help selecting computer hardware, peripherals and software that suite your company or your personal needs.
  • First Time Computer Setup.
  • Install New software and Hardware.
  • Set up Internet connections.
  • Hands on Computer Training: Window 10 and Windows 8.
  • Skype and email setup and training.


Computer Repair:

  • Troubleshooting Internet Problems.
  • Troubleshooting Computer Programs.
  • Remove and install Hardware
  • Repair Hardware.
  • Data Transfer.
  • Reinstall Operating Systems.
  • Format Hard Drive.
  • Malware Removal.



  • Set up a maintenance schedule: including backups, software updates.
  • Run Antivirus Software.
  • Run Malware Software. 
  • Run PC Cleaner.